I Heart Goodness
Your support warms my hard.
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Now you can show your support with just one bracelet!
These days itís easy to feel overwhelmed by the number of worthy causes that desperately need your support. Thatís why weíve developed the "I (Heart) Goodness" Rubber Band Bracelet!
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Do you worry that you arenít showing enough support?
If youíre afraid that some worthy cause may feel "slighted" or "excluded" by your show of support for another equally worthy cause then the "Goodness" bracelet is just what the doctor ordered! By showing your unshakeable support for goodness you will have reaffirmed your belief in goodness while expressing your disdain for non-goodness!
Order now and receive a free gift!
When you order the all inclusive "I (heart) Goodness" Rubber Band Bracelet you will also receive the Official "I (heart) Goodness" Commemorative Lapel Ribbon! Wear the bracelet for thirty days. If you donít agree that it is the most comprehensive display of support for universally recognized goodness, simply return it for a full refund but keep the lapel ribbon as our gift to you!
A portion of the $29.95 purchase price will be donated to a good cause!
After deducting minimal administrative and production costs the remainder of your donation will be dedicated to exclusively good and worthy pursuits! Nearly 90% of the cost of your Official Rubber Band "I (Heart) Goodness" Bracelet will be spent only on good things and never on anything like fake dog poo or porn. Not one cent of your donation will be spent on luxury hotel suites or high priced hookers. We would never use some of your money to take a skiing trip to Switzerland. Letís face it. We could use almost ALL the cash generated to buy fancy cars or maybe illegal drugs and booze and prostitutes but we would never do that.
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