Sec. 114b Revised Provisions for Tax Loss Carry Forwards for Years Prior to 1985

(For more information see IRS Publication 465, Section 1211)

Pre-Exclusionary Income for Real Estate Holding Corporations, Public LLCs and REMICs.

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Section 179 Deprciation of Fixed Assets Aquired from Parent Company, Affiliates and Primary Care Givers.

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Alternative Minimum Income Tax (AMT) Regulatory Guidelines Prior to 1978. (Revised)

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Depreciation of Patents, Copyrights, Goodwill and Other Intangible Assets Aquired Through Like Kind Exchange from HMOs, MHOs WHOs and HOMOs.

If Mr/Ms Nosy-Ass-Boss happens to ask what youíre doing just say "Iím reviewing the Revised Provisions for Tax Loss Carry-Forwards for years Prior to 1985." That should shut 'em up. Nobody wants to talk about that crap. (Note: This strategy may not work if you are employed as a CPA. CPAs and Actuaries please click below).

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