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March 13, 2009

This week I'm posting some of my favorite reader comments. Most of them were gleaned from various websites. Enjoy!

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"Some comics aren't meant to be funny, like Doonesbury..."

Fuzzy Dicken Balls:
"Talk about beating a dead, decaying, and very unfunny horse."

"It's called "Robot Funnies" but I didn't see any robots, and it wasn't funny."

Futuristic Space Age Family from the Future:
"That was dumb."

"It seems I've stumbled upon a black hole of humor."

"Possibly the least funny thing I have read on the internet in months. Thanks."

Last Tampon in Paris:
"thoroughly UNfunny"

Is there a secret connection between Hitler and Elvis?
"When does the funny part happen?"

Sgt Dildo the Safety Dildo:
"not very funny"

Smell Young, Again!
"Fuck off with the spam."

Dorothy and the Ass Colored Stretch Pants
"What the fuck was that?"

Those Mischevious Turds Are at it Again!:
"'Ida know'? 'Dick Szmels'?? Just what the hell is this?"

"That... isn't funny. Like... at all."

Astronaut Pants:
"Holy shitty-McShitty shit site! Wow. This guy failed massively with this website. Yikes! Why couldn't they put the entire comic into one cartoon? Click-per-pane? Are they trying to milk the most out of that single advert at the top? Who would do something so horribly wrong? Just dreadful."

When Porn Surfing Goes Bad:
"Fucking sucks."

Police hold man's huge cock:
"...dumb...unless you're 12..."

Obama thanks person most responsible for his Presidency:
"Wow. What a long, unnecessary buildup to an obvious, unfunny punch line."

"Shit web comic is shit."

Goatsie the goat!:
"I can't tell if this is a joke or the editor is actually clueless."

The use of this phrase is hereby banned:
"Fuck you. Go learn how to be funny."

The truth about Osama Bin Laden
"Retarded comic is retarded."

Sag Gentry:
"Every single time I have clicked on a "" link, it has been due to a lapse of memory wherein I thought I was actually clicking I have regretted it every time."

The Automobile of the Future!
"That's a bogus graphic made in powerpoint. That crappy typography would never have cut it on Madison Avenue then"

"Yea i call shenanigan.."

"fucking robot funnies. It figures. What a piece of crap site."

"yeah he suck"

Thanks for all your comments and keep those cards and letters coming!

Thursday June 12, 2008

Many of you have probably noticed that I haven't been updating regularly. That's because I was recently arrested for trying to smuggle undocumented drivers into the United States.

I've also been working on a Broadway musical comedy called "Rotting Fetid Corpse" about the decline of Western Civilization. Here are some of the songs:

Rotting Fetid Corpse (title tune)
Let's Get Busy and F**k
I'm Too Sexy for My House Payment
If We All Suck Hard Enough We Can Clean Up the Earth!
Can't Stop Grabbin' My Crotch! Yeah!
There's No Literacy like Ill-Literacy
Do U No Wut Letters R 4?
Let's Have a Three-Way with Your Mom
Porno? Or No?
Do You Feel Up to Being Felt Up?
My Hard Goes On (Theme from Titanic)

I'm sending a shout out to all my readers in Iceland! As you may already know, Iceland is famous for its gorgeous women! I'm sorry I don't know any Icelandic or I would write something really funny in that language.

Fri. April 10th, 2008

When I was a kid (in the 1960s) there was a TV show called "Cannonball" about a truck driver. Like other shows (Batman, for example) some anonymous kid(s) had rewritten the theme song. Hereís how it went:

Rolliní down the highway, doiní ninety-four,
Sally let a big one, blew me out the door!
The wheels couldnít take it; the motor fell apart
All because of Sallyís Super-Sonic Fart!
Cannonball! Cannonball!

Back then (before the intro-net), I was constantly amazed at how things like that could spread simply by word of mouth. One kid would learn it from another and that kid would teach it to other kids, and so on and so on, until every kid in the world new the song. It was viral but you could only catch it directly from another kids mouth (eewwww!)


Thur. April 3rd, 2008

Iíve updated the Funnies with my latest epic: "Wilford Brimley: ManÖ or Anthro-Man". This is about as close as I get to doing a furry comic. All I can say about Wilford is this: He is one stone cold freak.

Iíve also added a bonus Chucka-A-Laff (Frog Porn). I usually update it on Mondays. Enjoy!

Starting soon Iíll be using this space to answer some questions from readers so please check back for important info. Or maybe even marginally important info.

Thanks for all the mail Iíve been getting. Iím trying to stay caught up answering it!


Tuesday March 11, 2008

This is ROBOT FUNNIES' new blog. I'll be using this page to let you know what's coming up in the future and stuff like that. Right now I'm in the process of updating the whole website so please bear with me. My html skills kind of suck.


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